Contact rights

This charts presents the rights each contact (Owner, Administrative, Technical, and Billing) has over Gandi's different services.

Gandi Handle Owner Admin Tech Billing
gets renewal reminder X
auto-renewal X X X
pay for a domain renewal X X X X
DNS, zone, and forwarding management X X X
contact management X X
Mail Pack purchase X X X
paying for the renewal of a Mail Pack X X X
Mail Pack auto-renewal X X X
Mail Pack invoices management X X X X
creation of a mail account X X X
mail accounts management X X X
Website activation X
Creation/management of a GandiBlog X

Regarding Gandi Hosting, the account who creates the hosting account becomes the owner of the servers hosted in that account (except for resellers). Therefore there is only an owner handle for Gandi hosting.

Gandi Handle Owner
purchase and management of hosting using the Gandi interface X
hosting invoices management X
auto-renewal X
paying for a renewal X
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