Manage your domain name's zone file

Editing a zone file

Zone files are not edited per se, rather you will create a new version of an existing one that you then modify. Keeping in mind this principle will help you understand the logic of the process.

If you use Gandi's DNS, you will manage your zone file through our interface:

Creating a zone file

There are two different places where you can edit or create a zone file for use with your domain names at Gandi.

  • From your domain name's management page: see here
  • From your zonefile management page: see here

Changing a zone file

If you want to change the zonefile from the one that your domain is currently using to another one that is in your zone file portfolio, you can do this online.

Log into your domain's control panel, then, in the lower-right hand of the page, in the “Zone File” section click on the link that says “Change”. It's then a matter of choosing the one that you want from the list of available zones.

Information and examples on the various record types

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