for Resellers

Gandi offers a special kind of account that allows our customers to resell Gandi's Domain name registration services.

We also have a Reseller's Quickstart guide. This guide is also available in Chinese as PDF here . This document contains a general overview of essential information for resellers.

Advantages of a Gandi Reseller Account

Reseller accounts at Gandi are useful if you are a company that needs to register and manage domain names for your customers. The advantage of doing this through a reseller account is that you can:

  • have a single handle to view all your customers' domains,
  • use a special bulk transfer accept tool to avoid having to accept many transfer confirmation emails,
  • create domain names from your reseller handle, and define your customer as the domain's owner if you want,
  • be sent renewal reminders for your customers (they will not need to worry about interacting with Gandi),
  • gain credit with Gandi to reduce your payment rates to discounted levels.

Reseller interface and features

Frequently Asked Questions

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