Removing a Domain from Your Reseller Account

There may be instances when you may want to remove a domain from your reseller account's portfolio. This may occur, for example, if your customer wants to transfer the domain away from Gandi to another provider.

Releasing the Domain

Before removing a domain, be sure that you have changed your customer's contact's email to be their own email address (if you have previously used your own), otherwise they will need to do an email change request by form to Gandi's support in order to get access to their handle.

Log in to your reseller account, and follow these steps:

1. From your list of domains, choose the domain(s) to free, and use the “Remove from my reseller account” option from the bulk change tool on the bottom of the page.

2. Confirm your choice on the following page, and specify if you want to also free the owner's contact handle from your portfolio (this will let them manage their domains autonomously)

You will remain the Administrative, Technical, and Billing contact for this domain, until and unless you or the owner changes the contacts.

The owner can request a password reset for their handle by going to

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