Add an Existing Domain to Your Reseller Account

In some cases the domain your customer wants you to manage is already at Gandi. You can use this feature to add this domain to your reseller account.

Adding a Domain

There are two steps involved: the domain's owner or administrative contact needs to add your reseller handle as the billing contact, and then you need to add the domain to your account.

1. Changing the billing contact to your reseller handle.

Only the domain's owner or administrative contact can change the domain's contacts. To see how to do this, go to this page.

Have the domain owner or administrative contact add your reseller handle as the billing contact of the domain be added.

2. Add the domain to your reseller portfolio

Once step one is done, access your reseller handle and go to “Account Management” in “My account”. and click on “Reseller Options”.

Then, click on “Add domains to my reseller account.

You will then see a list of the domains for which you are the billing contact and that are not already managed by your reseller handle. Check the box to accept and click on “Accept” to put the domain in your reseller account.

Domains added in this way will allow you only Limited Rights. See “Managing your customer's contact handles” on this page.

Adding domains to your portfolio via API

If, as a reseller, you use our API-XML, there is a special method that you can use to transfer domains into your reseller account, whether or not they are currently managed by another reseller (see here).

Once you have launched the process via the API, Gandi will send a confirmation email to the current reseller (or owner) of the domain name, as well as yourself. The transfer of the domain to your reseller account will then occur.

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