Gandi handles and contacts

Gandi products are managed by what we refer to as “handles”, which take the form of something like: AB1234-GANDI

The handles are a simple way to identify a person or organization in our database, and associate them with a product with the appropriate management rights.

See here to see how to log into using our conventional or two-factor authentication methods.

Contact roles

Gandi's services are managed via accounts that we refer to as 'handles'. They look like ABC1234-GANDI. They are what are used to identify you, your company, or your association etc. in our system so that we can link your domain or hosting service to you.

Types of Gandi handles

It is not possible to change the type of account between an individual and a company. This is considered an owner change since the owner changes from a company to a person.

There are several kinds of handles at Gandi. They are treated differently, so it is important to choose the right kind when you create your handle.

  • Individual handle: for people that want to be the owner in their own name
  • Company handle: used for when the owner is to be the company
  • Association handle: used for when the owner is to be the association
  • Public body handle: used when the owner is to be a public body (ministry, municipalities, public libraries, etc.)
  • Reseller handle: a company-type handle that is used as part of a reseller business (more on Resellers)
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