Logging into Gandi.net

You can log into your Gandi account by clicking on “Log in” at the upper right-hand corner of our website, or by going directly to https://www.gandi.net/login. Your Gandi handle will be in the form of AB1234-GANDI and was provided to you during the creation of your account.

If you have forgotten your password or your handle, click on the “Login problems?” link.

Logging in with two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is an additional authentication method available on our website. It is not a replacement of the conventional login page, but rather, an additional layer, that helps make it harder for someone to hijack your account.

Once it is activated for your handle (how do I activate it?), it is easy to use:

Since the TOTP authentication we use is time-based, please verify that your digital device has the correct date in time so that your token will be identified as valid.

1. Log into gandi.net: You will go to the usual place (see above) to log into Gandi.net. If two-factor authentication is active for your account, then a second field will appear.

2. Generate a token: Launch your TOTP application (more on this) to generate a token,

3. Enter your token: Enter the token that your TOTP application gave you into the field asking for your token and submit.

It is possible to regenerate an authentication key, or even deactivate this feature from your account. To do so, use the corresponding button that you see below the two-factor authentication section on your Account Security page.

Web IP restriction

Web IP restriction is useful if you want to limit your handle's access to Gandi's website to specific IP addresses, or subnetworks. This can only be used, however, if you have a static IP address or a dedicated IP range. If you activate this option, connection to our website from IP address that are not in the list will be impossible.

WARNING: You must only specify public static IP addresses. If you are not sure whether or not your ISP provides you with a static IP address, then do not activate this feature until you have verified this. You will block yourself out of Gandi's website if your IP address changes!

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