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What is a reseller?

A reseller is a company that sells and supports a bundle of services that includes some of the domain name, SSL, email and hosting services provided by Gandi, along with its own services. Resellers can make money by creating service bundles that are unique and add value over what Gandi can directly provide.

Gandi makes the job of registering and managing domains and associated services easy, so the reseller can focus on their services, rather than on the details of domain names.

Why become a reseller?

As a reseller, you can buy domain names for your customers and assign them as the legal registrants, all the while maintaining full control over the domain names, DNS, and associated services for them.

You may have a company that sells a service or product that is complimentary to domain name registration, such as web design, an ad agency, legal services, etc. In that case, it may make sense to add domain names to your services as a Gandi reseller.

Some customers of our corporate services are also resellers as well, since they handle domain purchases for their customers, both internal and external.

Finally, if you have a company account, and you are wondering if it would be generally easier to manage domains for people other than yourself with a reseller account, the answer is yes, you should have a reseller account. It does make it easier, whether or not you charge your customers, friends, or co-workers for the management of their domains.

What are the benefits of being a Gandi reseller?

Discounted pricing

Just like a regular Gandi account, the total amount of your purchases counts towards the volume discounts we offer. As a reseller, your customers' purchases also count, allowing you to reach discounted rate scales faster. You can charge your customers whatever you think is fair for domains and hosting you resell from Gandi. We don't charge more for having a reseller account, so you can make a profit on your own, without paying extra for the privilege. If you know you will be making a big push to sell a lot, let us know and we will see if we can grant you a lower starting rate to help you be profitable as soon as possible.

Phone support

As a reseller, we know you are going to offer support to your end customers. But what about when you need support? You need to be sure Gandi is always there to help if you have any issue with your customer's domains. Of course, you can reach us by email, and send in support requests via the online form (link), or log on to your account and open a chat session and get your questions answered. There are times, though, when you have an urgent problem, and need someone to talk you through a process you may not have done for a while.

Gandi doesn't offer phone support to customers unless they are resellers, key customers, or corporate subscribers who choose this service option. As a reseller, you can find your local support phone number on the support contact page once logged into your account ( ). Then you will be able to call us and get an answer or a call back in short order.

Bulk transfer support

You will be able to transfer many domains in a single transaction using our bulk transfer tool. This eliminates the tedium of accepting multiple authorization emails, as we simply send you a single one listing the domains to be transferred.

Notifications to your Customers

Gandi is required to send a few notices to your customers by virtue of being an ICANN accredited registrar. You can customize the text and format of these emails to control what your customers see.

Contact management

Full control

Many times your customers will want you to handle the complexity of registering and managing a domain for them. As a reseller, you can register their domain for them (making sure they accept the contract, of course), and manage it without having to bother them with the details, which are often technical in nature.

When they no longer need your services, you can release the contact from your control, and they are free to manage their domains and hosting on their own.


Do you maintain a portal to allow your customers to work with your service? Well, you can integrate Gandi's domain names and hosting services into yours. We support a fully documented XML/RPC API for all our services and products. You don't even have to be a reseller to do it: any kind of Gandi account can use the API, though resellers can take advantage of it more than most. For those of you (resellers or not) who want fast, scriptable actions to do rapid development or problem solving, we support many of the API functions in an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use Command-Line Interface, the Gandi CLI.

How do I become a reseller? There are two ways to become a reseller, and neither one costs you anything. You can: Create a new reseller account

If you want to start fresh, create the reseller account as a new Gandi handle. All you need is a legally registered business.

Here's how:

Creating a reseller account

Convert an existing company account

If you already have a company account handle, even one with domains and hosting resources, you can convert it to a reseller type handle any time you like (as long as the contact information is exactly accurate). Here's how:

Converting an existing company account to a reseller

Do you have more questions?

Check out the complete reseller guide here. If you don't find what you are looking for, contact us at We will be happy to answer your questions.

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