What is a reseller account?

If you purchase domain names for various different owners, we recommend that you select the “reseller” account type during the creation of your handle. If you already have a Gandi handle you can convert your account to a reseller account by logging into your billing contact and going to the “Account” page of your domain, and clicking on “convert your account into a 'reseller account'”.

CAUTION : This action is irreversible, and should only be done by companies whose business concerns the registration of domain names for third parties.

As a reseller account, you will have access to tools that are better adapted to the management of your domain name portfolio.

What services are provided to resellers?

Gandi will be greatly expanding the services provided to reseller accounts in the upcoming weeks and months. Once you have converted or created your account to be a “reseller” you will notice the following:

  • The order process will allow you to clearly choose the owner of your domains.
  • The administration interface will more clearly show the domain's owner
  • You may view your invoices by month
  • You may modify owner information for domains that you have created via your reseller account
  • You will soon be able to benefit from new interfaces that will help you optimize the management of your domains at Gandi

Once I am a 'reseller', will I be able to benefit from lower prices?

Benefit from special bulk rates, up to 50% of the domain name's price. Access to the special rates depends on the amount of your purchases with Gandi over the past 12 months (including the most recent operation in progress).

How can I credit my prepaid account?

In the Manage section, under the Reseller Options tab, via the link Prepaid Account.

From there, you may manage your prepaid account: credit your account and manage your options

You may credit your account by credit card, cheque (drawn from a French bank account only), or wire transfer. The minimum amount of each payment is 30 euros.

  • For each payment by credit card, the account will automatically be credited
  • For each payment by cheque (drawn from a French bank only), it is important that the transaction number be written on the back of the cheque, so that we can identify the account to credit. The account will be credited upon the reception and validation of the cheque
  • For each payment by bank transfer, it is important to indicate Gandi's transaction number in the comments section of your bank transfer. The account will be credited upon the reception and validation of the bank transfer

Note: payment that is not accompanied by a transaction number will not be credited, as this is the number that we need to link the payment to your account!

For a credit operation, you will receive the following confirmation notices:

  • As soon as you have generated the transaction on our site, you will receive a confirmation e-mail stating that we have received your order,
  • Upon reception of your payment, you will get a second confirmation e-mail that stated the current balance of your account

You may view your credit history in your reseller options. If you have old credit intentions that you would like to cancel, you may do this by deleting the line via this interface.

What are my prepaid account options?

Since June 2007, the prepaid account system is opened to every Gandi user !

Via the “Prepaid account” link, located in the Invoices area, you can manage your prepaid account by crediting it and managing your options. Nor creating a prepaid account is compulsory, its usage either.

You can credit your prepaid account either by credit card, or wire transfer (payment by check is also available if you have a French bank account). The minimum amount is 75$ tax excluded.

  • The account will be automatically credited for every credit card payment.
  • For every bank check payment, it is important to mention the transaction number at the verso of the check, so we can identify which account to credit. The account will be credited as soon as we received and validated the check.
  • For every wire transfer, it is important to mention the Gandi transaction number in the wire transfer process comments field. The account will be credited as soon as we received and validated the wire transfer.

Caution, a payment without any transaction reference can not be credited, insofar as this reference allows us to link a payment to an account!

A credit operation process includes the following confirmations :

  • A first e-mail is sent a few minutes after the transaction is achieved on our website, confirming that your request has been registered.
  • A second e-mail is sent once the payment is received, confirming that your account has been credited.

You can follow your credits history in your reseller control panel. If there are some credits requests that you want to cancel, you can suppress them online in this interface.

Our Reseller service is restricted to companies, thus you cannot use it if you have registered as an individial.

However, if you act for a company, you can create a reseller account for free, on this page:


After you have domains on the account, or even just have the account assigned as a billing (financial) contact to an existing domain, you will be able to see the link to enable your account and accept the reseller agreement.

Can I Change to Company Name on My Reseller Account?

No, it is not possible to change the company name on reseller accounts. You can create a new account with a new name, however, and change the ownership of the domains to that account. See Changing the owner of a domain name

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