Registering a domain name from a reseller account

Once you have logged in as a reseller, Gandi's website automatically changes to give you the ability to manage your customers' contacts and the domain names.

Setting the Contacts When You Register a Domain

For each domain name you register as a reseller, you will be allowed to specify:

  • The Owner of the domain name
  • The Administrative Contact
  • The Technical Contact
  • The Billing Contact

Note that the invoice will be made in your name (the reseller account logged in during registration) and not the owner handle.

You just need to add a Gandi handle in each of these fields. If one of them belongs to someone without a handle, you can create one by clicking on the “create” link.

You can also search for an existing handle by clicking on the “Search” link next to it.

Last modified: 08/20/2012 at 21:07 by Thomas S. (Gandi)