The 'Contacts' Interface

As a reseller, you can directly manage your customers' handles and contacts using the 'Contacts' Interface page.

Finding the Contacts Page

In your reseller account, on the “My Account” page, you will see a “Contacts” button at the top of the page. Clicking on this will bring you to the page where you can manage your customers' handles:


This interface allows you to manage operations per contact on your Reseller account.

Handle rights

Your ability to modify contacts depends on the level of rights you have over them.

There are two levels of rights over contacts:

Limited rights

The handle was not created via your reseller account (or it was done a while back, before your account was converted into a reseller account). You can release the domain from your reseller account, but cannot manage the contact itself.

Full rights

The handle was created via your reseller account, so you have all rights over the handle.

Actions that can be taken

Reset the reachability process

If you have a contact that is pending contact reachability, you can click on this icon to reset the reachability process. (More info on this process can be found here).

If you do not see an icon then there is no action necessary, and if you see a green checkmark, then the contact has already been validated and no further action is necessary.

Release a handle

Releasing a handle from your reseller account allows the handle's owner to recover its password in order to have direct control over the domain name. The contact will still appear in your list, but you will have limited rights over it.

When you release a handle, the domains listing it as the owner will remain connected to your reseller account. If you wish to release the domains entirely, read this first.

View handle domain list

The domains associated with this handle can be viewed and managed by clicking here.

Modify a handle

You may update a handle's information by clicking on this icon. Note: if the handle is attached to a domain name, you will not be able to change the identifiers (name, company, handle type…).

Delete a handle

To delete a handle you can simply click on this icon. Note that handles still linked to a domain name cannot be deleted. —

Create a new handle

To save time when registering domains in large numbers, you can click on the button to Create a New Contact directly from this interface.

Alternatively, you can create a contact at the time of registration via your reseller account.

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