Renewing your Mail Pack

The expiration date of your Mail Pack is linked to that of the domain name that is uses.

The Mail Pack can only be renewed by the same handle that was used to activate it. If you change contacts and need the new contact to be able to pay for the renewal of the Mail Pack, please contact customer support.

To renew your mail pack, begin by logging in under the handle that was used to activate it.

Then, look to the upper-right hand corner of your domain's information page and you will see:


You can see that the Mail Pack has expired, since there are more mailboxes than are available in this example (10/5), and also it says “inactive” for the status of your Mail Pack.

To renew, click on “Add more mailboxes”.

The next page asks you how many GB of storage you need in addition to the 1 GB that is free with the domain. So if you need 3 GB in total, then you must select “2” from the dropdown menu etc. The page will also calculate and display how much the purchase will cost. Click on “Submit” to continue.

The cost of the purchase will be deducted from your prepaid account directly.

Please be sure to have enough credit in your prepaid account if you are not using automatic prepaid account crediting, otherwise the operation will wait until this is the case. To see how to credit your prepaid account, visit this page.

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