Troubleshooting Gandi Mail

If your e-mail is not longer working, there may be several causes, each with its own solution.

Below are the most common reasons for e-mail not working, and where to find the solution:

Your domain does not use Gandi's DNS

If you're using external name servers, that is where your zone file lives, and that provider probably has their own mail servers set up in your zone file instead of Gandi's.

If your email stops working after you switch to another DNS, that is probably why.

There are two solutions to this.

If you want to use Gandi Mail while keeping the DNS of your current provider, then you will need to contact them and have them change your MX records to the following:

@ 10800 IN MX 10
@ 10800 IN MX 50
@ 10800 IN TXT "v=spf1 ?all"

If they do this, your Gandi Mail will work with your nameservers there.

Otherwise, you can switch to Gandi's DNS.

Your user name and/or password is refused

  • Please check that you are entering your full e-mail address (followed by @your-domain-name.tld) as the user name

You can't send messages

  • To begin with, check your SMTP configuration. You should have the server name ””, a non-secured authentication (untick SSL/TLS as a test, if you had ticked them) and the port access set to 25. Don't forget that the SMTP server will ask for a user name and a password, so please activate the appropriate option.
  • If your configuration seems correct, I recommend the reading of this article from our FAQ.
  • If none of these suggestions resolve your problem, please note your configuration details (smtp, activated options, port), the name of your mail software, the complete error message you encounter, and write to Gandi Support.

Error "User unknown in virtual alias table"

  • Connect to the administration interface for the relevant domain and make sure that your Gandi Mail service is marked as Activated. If not, activate it.

Error "Loops back to myself"

  • Same as above: connect to the administration interface for the domain, click Manage DNS zone file and ensure the two MX (Mail eXchange) records have the right priorities (”spool” must have a priority of 10, and fb a priority of 50).

Error " blocked you maybe infected see"

  • This likely means that your computer has been infected by a virus or a trojan. Please be sure to change your email and Gandi handle passwords and scan your computer to see if there is any malware that has been installed on it without your knowledge.

SPF record on Gandi Mail

Where do I find the email headers?

See Headers

Give up? Contact support

If you need to contact Gandi support, :!: you will always obtain a better response time and a more precise answer by providing:

  • The domain(s) concerned
  • The Gandi handle with which you perform operations
  • The complete error message you encounter (if applicable)
  • The actions you perform before encountering this error message
  • E-mail client used (if applicable), or whether the question is about Webmail
  • operating system used
  • Is your client set to receive the email via POP or IMAP?
  • circumstances/context of the problem
  • error message encountered? if so, what does it say?
  • Headers from bounced emails if applicable

Furthermore, please use clear language (avoiding abbreviations other than computer related ones, for instance). A technician that understands your question is all the more likely to be able to answer ;)

If you encounter an error after having configured your e-mail client, please read the relevant page from our tutorial before contacting us.

Contact Gandi support

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