Automatic crediting from your credit/debit card

It is possible to set up your Gandi account to automatically withdraw funds from your credit or debit card in order to credit your Gandi prepaid account.

You must have 3D Secure set up on your credit card for this to work. If you have not done so, please call your bank to enable 3D Secure before proceeding.

This is also known as “Verified by Visa”, “MasterCard SecureCode”, and other names. See:

To do this, go to the “Billing” section, and click on “Prepaid account” and then click on the “Credit” tab:

Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says “Automatic crediting from your credit/debit card”. If you have not added a card yet, click on the “Add a card” button on the bottom-right to start the process.

Adding a card

You will arrive at the following page when you want to add a card:

You will be asked to fill out several fields:

  • Name of your card: This is the name that you will use to identify your cards on your list of available cards. This is particularly useful if you register more than one card.
  • Amount of automatic debit: This is the amount that you want to debit your credit/debit card in order to add funds to your Gandi prepaid account. In case you choose a fixed amount, it can be charged multiple times if necessary (eg. choosing $5 four times will equal the $20 in your account). Otherwise, the default setting is to debit your card for the amount of the order.
  • Security Threshold: the minimum balance that your prepaid account must have. If you fall below this limit, we will debit your card to credit your prepaid account.

Once you are done, click on “Submit” to continue.

You will see a pop-up asking you to proceed to our bank's interface in order to submit your credit card information, click “submit” to proceed. Note that it will show a transaction for 1 Euro/Dollar - don't worry, it will not charge you for that.

Your credit card information is handled directly by the bank. Gandi does not store your credit card information.

Managing your cards

Once you have added your credit/debit cards to your Gandi account, you can view them from the BillingCredit page described above, and by scrolling down the page to the Credit/Debit Card section where you will see a table with your cards listed:

You can use this table to activate, deactivate, or delete cards attached to your Gandi account.

Activating a card means that we will debit that card for performing the automatic crediting of your prepaid account. While you may add as many cards as you want, only one card can be active at a time.

Modifying your automatic credit/debit card options

By clicking on the “modify” link right above your list of cards, you will be provided a page like the one you used to add a card, where you can:

  • change the amount that will be automatically debited from your card to fund your prepaid account to cover an order.
  • choose to charge just the amount needed or,
  • choose to be charged a fixed amount, so that you are charged multiple times if necessary (eg. choosing $5 four times will result in $20 in charges).
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