I can't log in!

There may be several reasons why you cannot log in, each of which must be considered. Login problems can be just one of the points below, or a combination of them:

  • You are connecting from a tethered mobile device or a network that uses multiple IP Addresses (this can cause a problem with the cookie session)
  • Your browser is not accepting cookies
  • You are using the wrong password for the Gandi handle you entered, or typing it incorrectly (check caps lock)
  • You are using the wrong Gandi handle for the password you are using
  • The date and time of your computer are incorrect (this affects cookies)
  • There is an internet security firewall that is blocking the operation (see your ISP for help)
  • You are not connected to the internet or your connection has slowed to a halt (see your ISP for help)

Try the following to help isolate the problem:

  • Try from a different browser
  • Try deactivating your password management tool (Lastpass, 1Password, etc)
  • Try from a different computer

Contact support

If you contact Gandi's Customer Care concerning a login problem, you will be asked to verify all of the above. To save time, please verify all the possible reasons for error in the above before contacting Gandi (it helps to include this information when you write to us).

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