Finding or resetting your lost Password

For security reasons Gandi does not send passwords by unsecured email. Rather, we have a process whereby you can reset your password.

If your Gandi handle is managed by a reseller, then it is not possible to have your password reset, and you will need to see your reseller to make changes to your domain name (or to have your handle released).

To reset your password, start by clicking on the link that says, “Login problems?”, which you will see under the password entry box at any time you are asked to log in (or click here).

You will then be presented with the following search engine:

All you need to do is simply enter the Gandi handle in the box, and click the “Reset my password” button; Gandi will then send an email to the address on record for that handle with instructions as to how to reset the password.

If you don't know what the e-mail address listed with the handle is, you just have to enter the Gandi handle in our Whois search engine, and we will show you (if you have enabled 'anti-spam protection' your e-mail address will be encrypted, however).

If the e-mail address is missing or outdated, and you cannot receive your password by mail, you will have to complete the manual email change procedure.

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