Email address change of a Gandi handle

Begin by logging in to the handle in question.

Once you have done so, click on “Account Management” that you will see in the banner menu:

You will then be taken to a list of management options regarding the handle that you have logged in under, click on “Update account information” to be taken to a form where you can then update your information.

Scroll down to the email field and modify it (be sure to submit your changes).

Following a change in domain name security procedures on the part of ICANN, which has chosen to enact new complex rules governing email address changes that includes adding a transfer lock on domains for 60 days, Gandi has chosen to make use of the possibility of handling the validation side of the process.

Under this new procedure, you have the possibility of specifying that you want Gandi to be your “Designated Agent”, which allows you forego the 60-day transfer lock. For this, you need to check the box that you see under the email address field to accept Gandi as the “Designated Agent”.

Once this is done, you will be able to then modify the email address.

Problems logging in?

You can request that we change the email address for you by faxing or mailing us the email change form, accompanied by the necessary proof of ID as stated on the form's instructions to prove that you are the holder of the Gandi handle. Upon reception and verification of these documents, we will change the e-mail address for you to one that you provided on the form.

The form may be downloaded here:

All the documents must be sent to Gandi together. You may send them as attached files via email with our support team, though may also fax or mail them to Gandi:

  • By fax at +33.170377860,
  • By email attachment after having contacted our support team,
  • By post: GANDI SAS - Changement d'email - 63/65 Boulevard Massena - 75013 Paris (FRANCE).

Upon reception of your request, we will proceed with the necessary verifications. You will be informed of the change when completed.

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