I'm not receiving the password reset email!

Password reset email is being flagged as spam

You know the drill: In some instances, e-mail clients or interfaces can mistake Gandi's password reminders for spam and send them to a spam folder or directly to the trash bin.

Please check the trash bin, spam folder, etc. of your e-mail client or interface to see if your password reset e-mail was sent there. (If it was, do us a favor and mark it as “not spam”.)

Emails from Gandi are automatically filtered into their own folder

If you're expecting to receive your password reset email in your inbox, double check to make sure you haven't created a custom filter so emails from Gandi go straight into their own folder. (It happens to the best of us.)

Typo in handle

You may have made a typo when you entered the Gandi handle in the password reset box. Please try again on this page, and be sure that you have entered the handle correctly.

You can verify the handle by doing a Whois lookup or by using the handle recovery tool.

Checking the wrong email address

Most likely, you did not get your password because the e-mail address of the Gandi handle is missing or is a different e-mail address than the one you used to check your mail.

To see where Gandi sent your password, and where you can find it, try these options:

The password reset tool itself

The password reset confirmation message looks like this:

An email has been sent to the address on file (a***e@gandi.net)
for the handle you indicated above. This email will contain
instructions and a link that will let you reset your password.)

Make sure the email address you're checking matches the obfuscated pattern above (in this case, it could be annie@gandi.net or alfie@gandi.net, but not alexandre@gandi.net).

Do a keyword search in your email account

Simply search your mailbox for the keyword “Gandi”. If you have never received an email from us, you're probably checking the wrong address.

Whois lookup

Enter a domain name owned by the handle whose password you're trying to reset in Gandi's Whois search engine.

Depending on the extension, you may be able to see the owner handle.

Depending on your handle settings, you may be able to see the email address of the owner, though if you have selected the “anti-spam” protection, your e-mail address will be encrypted.

Click here and enter your email address (leave the “domain name” field blank for these purposes) where you are expecting to receive the password reset email. If the email address is linked to any Gandi handles, you'll see them listed below.

Note: in some cases, the handle and/or name will be replaced with Data confidential. That's not a problem – at least now you know you're checking an email address that has a handle linked to it.

Another note for Gmail users: thisusername@gmail.com and thisusername+gandi@gmail.com are not treated the same by our system.

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