Private Domain Registration

Gandi offers private WHOIS registration featuring obfuscation of your personal data as well as anti-spam obfuscation of your email address with the goal of protecting you against malicious activities on the Internet like spamming.

With this service, Gandi replaces your physical address, your phone number and your fax number with an address Gandi specifically uses for this service.

Please note that:

Using Gandi's Private Domain registration service

Use of this service is free and can be done from the Update account information page under the Account management tab. Activating this service involves accepting the addendum to the general terms and conditions available here:

The use of this service does not in any way absolve you from the requirement to provide complete and accurate identification information. Each individual registry is entitled to audit the data we provide regarding your registration, and it is very important to note that if invalid or inaccurate information is found, your domain can be blocked or even deleted.

It's also important to note that private WHOIS registration is not a domiciliation service, so the address we provide in the WHOIS cannot be legally used as your address, nor is private WHOIS registration a data anonymization service, since the registry may still make your personal data available upon request.

Likewise, our this service is not a forwarding service and documents addressed to you using the physical address published under this service will not be forwarded to you.

Private WHOIS registration can be activated or deactivated either when you create your Gandi account OR on demand from your Account management settings by:

  1. Connecting to your Gandi handle, clicking on “Account management” then on “Update account information.” Select either “Yes” or “No” for the “Private Domain Registration” option
  2. Clicking the “Submit” button to validate the changes.

These changes will be immediately visible in the Gandi WHOIS and in all WHOIS queries after the change propagates. If you don't see the change take effect on Gandi's WHOIS after activation, please contact our Customer Care team. In certain situations a manual intervention is necessary.

In order for private WHOIS registration to be activated, transfer protection needs to be activated for the domain in question (that is, the domain needs to be locked). Normally this protection is automatically activated when you register your domain name if supported by the domain's extension.

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