Turning off transfer protection / Unlocking a domain

Transferring your domain away from Gandi

Not all domains use the Client Transfer Prohibited status, just those that use a certain protocol (such as .com, .net., .info., .org, .biz). Most ccTLDs (ex. .fr, .eu, .be, .de, etc.) do not use this status.

To turn off this protection, you need to log in under the owner or administrative contact handle for the domain (trouble logging in?).

When you log into your domain, go to its control panel, where you will see the following information:

Click on the link that says “Modify” after “Transfer lock” to change the domain's status. This will then bring up a pop-up window like this:

Be sure to click on the button to deactivate the transfer protection.

If the operation to unlock the domain was successful, you will receive a confirmation message at the top of the page.

Note that turning off transfer protection may cause registrant information to be temporarily visible in the whois, if you had activated the Whois data protection service on your domain previously. This is a normal requirement during transfer. For more information, see Gandi's Private Domain Registration: Hiding your whois info.

If you get an error “Operation not valid for this domain”, it means that you are probably trying to turn on/off the protection on a domain that does not use the protection mechanism based on the clientTransferProhibited status (see on top of this page). This does not prevent you from transferring your domain name.

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