Invoicing FAQ

Can you send me an invoice?

Though we do not send out paper invoices, you may obtain, at any time, a duplicate of invoices pertaining to domains for which you are or have been the administrative or billing contact.

To do this, please log into to our Manage page. Select the second tab from the left, 'Invoices'.

You will then have access to your Billing Management page, where you will have access to all your invoices. If you need a paper invoice, you may simply print out the text from your web browser.

See invoices

How can I modify my invoice?

Our invoices are addressed to the Gandi contact that logged in at the time of the payment; All invoices may be viewed at any time in your “Manage” section.

Once created, invoices cannot be changed. Before each payment, please verify that the name and contact information are correct.

During the registration of a domain, the contact information that you provide during the creation of your new Gandi account will be used for the owner, administrative contact, and the billing contact. If the billing contact must be different, please specify this during the registration of the domain by selecting 'Delegate the management…', and inserting the billing contact's Gandi handle in the appropriate area.

See also: Changing the contacts of a domain (other than the owner)

How can I have an invoice addressed to a company?

In order for your invoices to be addressed to your company, please first create a Gandi handle with the contact information of your company.

Next, simply enter the company's Gandi handle as billing contact before paying for a creation. Additionally, please be sure to create a handle for the owner of the domain (if different) during this process.

If this concerns a renewal or transfer, simply log in using the company's handle that will make the payment.

See also: company

Can I have a pro forma invoice before payment?

At the end of the registration procedure, an invoice appears on your screen. This is the pro forma invoice. You can print this out.

In the confirmation e-mail that is sent to the billing contact, we will also provide you with a link that will allow you to access this invoice.

You may also, at any time obtain a duplicate of your invoice via the Manage page.

Can I have my invoice in PDF format?

We don't offer invoices in PDF format yet, but there are several easy workarounds in the meantime:

With an invoice on the screen, open the print dialog on your computer. Often, there will be an option to “print to PDF,” “save to PDF,” or “print to file”.

Take a screenshot

You can easily take a screenshot of the invoice and save it to your computer just like any other file, including a PDF.

You can vote on this feature on the wishlist.

How do I activate monthly invoicing?

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