Mailboxes and e-mail forwarding

How can I set up e-mail forwarding?

To create an e-mail forwarding address, you need to:

  • Go to the domain name's control panel (if you have more than one, you need to click on the domain that you want to create an address for)
  • Click on the link “manage my accounts” in the e-mail area (down in the Technical Settings section). This will take you to the page where you can create a new mailbox.
  • From there, click on the “create” button and select the type of e-mail service you want to create. Select “forwarding” in this case.
  • Enter the name of the forwarding address that you would like.
  • Enter the name of the e-mail address or addresses (one address per line only) to where you want to forward the mails to that are sent to your forwarding address.

For more details, see Forwarding address with Gandi Mail.

How can I configure my domain to work with Google Apps (aka Gmail for your domain) service?

Can I have a wildcard/catch-all e-mail address?

Because of too many complaints regarding spam with this kind of mailbox, in addition to problems of our network being blacklisted by ISPs due to the spam being relayed through our servers, though also the increased load of the spams through our servers, Gandi does not offer this service any longer.

Nevertheless, you can create 1000 e-mail forwarding addresses for each domain, or create dynamic aliases if you subscribe to the Mail Pack.

How long must I wait after having changed my e-mail forwarding?

If you only changed your e-mail address forwards, your change will be taken into account in a couple of hours.

If you also changed your list of nameservers, for example, if the previous ones were not Gandi's, you will have to wait about 72 hours.

Why am I not able to use Gandi's SMTP server?

More and more internet service providers are filtering access to ports 25 and 465 that allow users to connect to an SMTP server. They do this in an attempt to limit the amount of spam sent by infected machines on their networks.

  • For example, Free and Wanadoo/Orange allow unlocking port 25 process. You can do so by following the instructions below:
  • Free: Log into your Free Control Panel, then click on “Fonctionnalités optionelles”, then “Autres fonctions”, you will be able to unlock port 25.
  • Wanadoo/Orange: You must subscribe to their static IP option to unlock port 25. Once port 25 is unlocked, you can configure your SMTP server this way:
    Server Name: smtp.yourdomain.tld
    Port: 25
    Use a login and a password: yes (check the option)
    Username: your mailbox name (including the domain name) 
    Use a secured connection: "Non secured" or "TLS" 
  • Concerning Internet Service Providers that do not allow access to port 25, you can use Gandi's SMTP server, by TLS or SSL on port 465 or 587. To do so, configure your SMTP server this way:
    Server Name:
    Port: 587
    Use a login and a password: yes (check the option)
    Username: your mailbox name including the domain name
    Use a secured connection: "Non secured" or "TLS"

We would like to bring your attention to the following point: it seems that some Outlook/Outlook Express versions have difficulties managing secured connections. When SMTP server name “” on port “587” with a secured connection (like SSL) do not work, please try with another mail agent like Thunderbird, with the same settings.

Can I use POP, SMTP, and IMAP protocols with an SSL connection?

POP/IMAP/SMTP protocols are available with an SSL connection on

If you are using an SSL connection with, the service will be secure too, but you are going to get a warning message.

For configuration help, see Standard settings for your e-mail client with a Gandi Mail account.

What is an e-mail alias?

An e-mail alias is a type of forwarding.

An alias will forward mail sent to an e-mail address based on your domain name to an actual e-mail mailbox.

This allows you to have several or many e-mail accounts attached to the same e-mail mailbox.

For example : For Mr. Anderson, the following e-mails will all be forwarded automatically to the same mailbox :

  • anderson@hisdomain.tld
  • m.anderson@hisdomain.tld
  • mranderson@hisdomain.tld
  • mr.anderson@hisdomain.tld
  • etc…

What are my e-mail quotas?

With each domain name registered with Gandi we provide a free e-mail mailbox with the possibility of storing up to 1 GB of e-mails!

This disk space is large enough to store several thousand e-mails on our server and will not cause you any problem if you download your e-mails to your computer using your favorite e-mail client (Thunderbird, Mail, Outlook…).

You are also given 1,000 forwarding e-mail addresses, and 1,000 e-mail aliases. The maximum size of an e-mail is limited to 25 MB (e-mail + attached files).

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