Forwarding address with Gandi Mail

This page implies that your domain is set up to use Gandi Mail. Please refer to step 1 here to be sure that you are correctly using our mail servers for your domain.

There are three different types of email forwarding that you can set up at Gandi:

Setting up a forwarding address

Forwarding addresses make it possible to redirect mail from one or more of your domain's email addresses to an external address, such as when you want mail that is sent to to You can create up to 1000 forwarding addresses as you want, though it is not possible to set-up a catch-all address.

The emails must be retrieved from the external mail account they have been forwarded to.

Before creating the forwarding address, verify that you are using Gandi's MX servers. This is required so that mail can be routed through servers Gandi. For help, see Setting up your DNS zone file.

Once the domain's zone file has been configured, go to the control panel of the domain name that will be used for the emails, and look to the part on the right concerning gandimail:

click on “Manage”:

This will bring up the email management page for the domain. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you will see the email forwarding address section and click on “Create”:

You will then see the form that is used to create an email address, and the type “Forwarding” is preselected.

  • Where it says “E-mail account” put your desired mailbox name. This is the part that comes before the @ in your email address.
  • Where it says “Recipients”, put the target email address(es). This is where you'll put your Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, or whoever your usual email provider happens to be.

You can forward mails to more than one address; just add them to your list.

If you use GandiMail to forward to GMail and send a test message from that GMail address to the GandiMail forwarding address, you will not receive it. This is due to a policy at GMail and we are unable to do anything about it. Your email is being forwarded correctly by us, but GMail is not displaying it.

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