Creating an Alias

An email alias functions like a forwarding address, except backwards; it forwards the messages to a mailbox under the same domain name. All email sent to the alias is redirected to the mailbox(es) it is linked to.

After clicking on the email address that you want to add an alias to, you'll see the following section on the form:


To add an alias, just enter it into the text field on the upper right-hand side of the form. In the above example, I am adding the alias info@ to my domain, which will be created once I click on the 'Add' link. (If you see the “Starting with”, “Contains”, “Ending With' that are grayed out, those are ”like aliases.”)

Then (if the email address is for this example), emails sent to will be received in my GandiMail mailbox.

An alias can be attributed to more than one GandiMail mailbox. So, if you add the same alias for each address, mail sent to the alias will be forwarded to all of the mailboxes that you have added it to.

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