Expiration, deletion and restoration of domain names

What is the deletion process?

Because we do not store your payment information, nor do we debit your prepaid account without your explicit permission, domain names are not automatically renewed at Gandi (unless you have activated the automatic renewal feature, which is deactivated by default).

If you do not renew your domain name, it will be automatically deleted some time after its expiration (or, for some extensions, before its expiration date!).

For most TLDs, Gandi sets a HOLD status on your domain name at its expiration date. If you had a website or an e-mail address with this domain name, they will no longer work. This process is our last attempt to contact the domain's holder, if he/she has not read our renewal reminders.

For many extensions, it is still possible to renew after the domain's expiration. This is the “late renewal” grace period, and the length of this period varies according to the extension.

Once the late renewal period has passed (if applicable) and the domain has still not been renewed, Gandi sends the deletion command to the appropriate registry, which effectively deletes the domain from our database. This marks the beginning of the Redemption Period.

Consequences of a deletion

In all cases, when a domain has been deleted, it disappears from your Gandi account.

You can usually tell by the domain's status in the whois. If the status is one of these:

  • Status: QUARANTINE

…it means this domain name has been deleted from Gandi's database because it has not been renewed in time (i.e. both the expiration date and the “late renewal” grace period, if applicable, have passed). It is not publicly available for purchase, but it no longer works and it does not appear in the list of domains when you are logged in as one of its contacts.

Please note that when your domain falls into “Redemption Period” status, it is no longer managed by Gandi, but by the related Registry.

Once we have deleted the domain, renewal is no longer possible, but you may still be able to restore it before its permanent deletion by the Registry.

What are the deletion delays?

Here are the various steps in the deletion process of each TLD (“D” stands for the expiration date)

CLIENT HOLD status: Gandi grace period (late renewal at Gandi is still possible).

  • .com .net .org .biz:
    • Expiration D : ACTIVE Status: Domain active and renewable
    • Expiration D to D+45: HOLD Status: Domain deactivated but renewable
    • Expiration D+45 to D+75: REDEMPTION PERIOD Status: Domain deleted but restorable
    • Expiration D+75 to D+80: PENDING DELETE Status: No operation possible
    • Expiration D+80 or more: The domain may be registered again
  • .be, .eu:
    • Expiration D: ACTIVE Status: Domain active and renewable
    • Expiration D+1 to D+40: QUARANTINE Status: Domain deactivated but restorable
    • Expiration D+41 or more: The domain may be registered again
  • .fr:
    • Expiration D : ACTIVE Status: Domain active and renewable
    • Expiration D+1 to D+28: HOLD Status: Domain deactivated but renewable
    • Expiration D+28 to D+58: REDEMPTION PERIOD Status: Domain deleted but restorable
    • Expiration D+58 or more: The domain may be registered again

See also the full chart of renewal, restoration, and deletion times and the list of Domain status codes.

What do I do if my domain has been deleted?

You can two options: you can either restore the domain, or wait and attempt to re-register it.

Option #1: Restore the deleted domain name

Renewal is not technically possible once a domain name has been deleted by Gandi, as it has been returned to the Registry as per ICANN rules.

There is a period (usually between 1 and 40 days) between deletion at Gandi and deletion at the Registry. This period is called the ”Redemption Period”, also known as “Pending Delete Restorable” or “Quarantine,” depending on the registry.

Gandi provides a restoration service, so you can usually restore your domain during this period, though charges for this operation are often higher than for a renewal. If you have failed to renew, however, this is your only option if if you do not want to risk losing your domain name.

Restoration essentially guarantees recovery of the domain name, provided you follow the process in a timely manner.

See Restoring a domain name

Option #2: Wait for permanent deletion and attempt re-registration

Alternatively, you can wait for the domain to be permanently deleted by the Registry. It will then become publicly available for registration by anyone, through any registrar. :!: This is extremely risky: do not count on being able to get your domain name back in this manner as it is likely to be snapped up by drop-catching domain squatters who will be all too happy to sell your domain back to you in exchange for your firstborn. Don't say we didn't warn you!

When the domain name is freed by the Registry, it is available on a “first-come, first-served” basis. Gandi does not provide any pre-reservation service.

How can I delete my domain name before the expiration date?

As the owner of a domain name, you have the option of deleting it before its expiration date. To do this, you can send a request as described below. Please note that this deletion does not entitle you to a refund.

Please find below the steps to delete a domain name before the expiration date.

  • By Form:

Please print and fill out the Deletion before the expiration date form, which is available in the customer care section under the Paper form tab.

The document is a PDF file. You need to use Acrobat Reader to open it, which you can download for free here.

  • Proof of identity:

Please do not forget to enclose the necessary proof of identity. As proof of identity, we require: - For Individuals: proof from the signatory (for example copy of identity card or driver's license)

- For Companies: proof from the signatory + proof that the Company does exist and that the signatory is authoritative for this Company (for example certificate of incorporation, naming the signatory individual as CEO)

- Other cases: please contact us.

Our mailing address is:

    Deletion service
    63/65 Boulevard Masséna
    F-75013 PARIS

On receipt of your documents we will delete the domain from our database, and you will get a confirmation by email. The delay for a complete deletion depends on the registry involved, so your domain might remain in the Whois for a while.

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