Known Simple Hosting issues

This table summarizes known issues with Simple Hosting

These issues are currently being examined by our technical staff and will be resolved as soon as possible.

Please do not hesitate to report any recurring problems you encounter with your Simple Hosting instance to our technical support team.

Affected Modules / CMS Behavior Cause Workaround Expected fix Comments
PrestaShop (all versions) 500 errors returned by the server when using the product filter module in the PrestaShop backend. Incompatibility of the PaaS infrastructure with this filter module. The exact cause remains unknown to the Gandi and PrestaShop development teams. The problem has been identified in Prestashop code. Given that this problem does not occur on the IaaS infrastructure, the current workaround is to migrate to a VPS.
Updating the CMS to at least version 1.4 should resolve the issue. Alternatively, you can apply the correction manually by modifying the file classes/search.php, replacing x{d800} with x{e800} on line 56, then re-indexing from the BO.
Despite the involvement of PrestaShop developers, no solution has been found to date.
This issue has been corrected on Prestashop versions 1.4 and 1.5.
Web Acappella Can't connect via sFTP WebAcappella does not currently support the sFTP protocol. One workaround is to export the WebAcappella files in order to upload them with another tool which supports sFTP (i.e. FileZilla). (Further study of WebAcappella is needed to determine if a file export is possible.) We have not yet received a response to a message sent to WebAcappella inquiring when (or if) sFTP support will be implemented. We'll keep trying.
Ioncube Loader / Optimizer Unable to load Ioncube Instance can't use Ioncube Loader, and can't access to code with this protection Add the library path to your php-custom.ini. file. More details here X X
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