Prices and Credit purchase

This page explains the purchasing of Gandi Credits, and the various ways to maintain your credit balance.

The price of credits depends on certain factors, such as your volume discount level, or the quantity of credits you buy in a pack.

If you decide to use your pre-paid account to automatically purchase the credits you need, the on-demand price will apply. You can also automatically purchase credit packs, for the best value and least effort. To see our hosting prices per resource visit

You'll find the details for the various ways to purchase credits listed below. The basic price of a credit is €0.0001, $0.00013, or £0.00018 (if purchased “on-demand”). You can get them for less if you buy them in packs.

Purchase by pack

When you make a purchase by pack, Gandi's volume discount rates apply, so the more you buy, the more you can benefit from a reduction in price. These discount rates are defined by the total amount of purchases you make on your account at Gandi over the last 12 months. These reductions only apply to the purchase of credit packs, not on-demand purchases.

Here is a summary of the Gandi rates, and how much needs to be purchased over a 12-month period to obtain the rates:

  • A rates → less than $600 (€500 or £350)
  • B rates → Over $600 (€500 or £350)
  • C rates→ Over $2,000 (€1,500 or £1,000)
  • D rates → Over $6,000 (€5,000 or £3,500)
  • E rates→ Over $12,000 (€10,000 or £7,000)

To see how much your credits will cost at your rate scale, go to this page.

Purchasing on-demand

Purchasing credits on-demand is the default credit purchasing method for new customers; This system will let you automatically debit your prepaid account every hour as needed, in order to keep your servers running. €1 equals 10,000 credits (a credit is represented by this icon on our website: .

We calculate the number of resources used by your account during the past hour, and then debit the prepaid account accordingly, if it has credit in it. For example, if you use 35,000 credits for an hour, €4 will be automatically debited from your prepaid account and converted into credits.

If your hosting account was created before the migration of our billing system, then your account is not set up to use on-demand purchasing by default, and will not automatically debit your prepaid account if needed. You will need to activate this option from this page

To deactivate the “on-demand” option for your account, visit and chose one of the other options available: “Deactivate automatic provisioning for my account.” or “Automatically purchase a credit pack if you fall to predefined level”.

Automatic pack purchase

Purchasing packs automatically will let you perform “on-demand” operations while still having the advantage of purchasing per pack. You define the the threshold that will be used to trigger the purchase of a credit pack via your prepaid account. If you do not have automatic crediting of your prepaid account, you will need to ensure you have enough funds available.

To activate this option, go to (see the above image) and chose the option that says “Automatically purchase a credit pack if you fall to predefined level”. Once you have selected this option, you will be given some options:

To deactivate this option for your account, visit and chose one of the other options available: “Deactivate automatic provisioning for my account.” or “Purchase credits in “On demand” mode”.

Alert management

You can be alerted if your credits fall below a certain threshold. To do this, just indicate your email address in the field, as well as the threshold.

To activate this option, go to and then check the box that says “Send me a notification by email”.

More resources, less credits per resource

Credit use per resource differs depending on how many of certain resources are *allocated* to a server: the more resources are allocated, the fewer credits per resource are consumed (and the lower the cost per resource). The price per resource is graduated. You can see the prices at

If, for example, you have two servers, one consumes 512 MB and the other 2 GB of RAM, then the 512 MB will be billed 60 credits per hour (or, 7.5 credits per 64MB of RAM). On the server with 2GB of RAM, this will cost 224 credits per hour, which comes to 7 credits per 64MB of RAM.

This graduated reduction in credit use is applied in relation to the quantity of resources used and is independent of the credit purchasing method (per pack, on-demand, etc.)


There is no longer any concept of renewal for servers, credit packs or resources. Once all credits are used, you need to buy more using one of the purchasing methods described above.

See Also

For basic information on the hourly credit purchase options, see this page:

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