Gandi hourly payment system

This page explains the basics of Gandi's hourly payment system for Cloud IaaS hosting resources. See the "See also" section for links to detailed descriptions of the various options.

Our billing system is based on resource consumption per hour. Each hour, the resources you use are calculated and the total amount due is subtracted from your balance of Gandi credits. These credits () can be purchased on-demand from the money in your prepaid account. The currency used can be €, $, or £, depending on your account settings. The cost of one credit is:

  • € 0.00010
  • $ 0.00013
  • £ 0.00009

You also have the option of purchasing credits in advance, in exchange for a substantial discount, and taking advantage of any applicable volume discounts applied to your account.

Example in € with discount rate “A” (the initial rate) :

  •     150,000 for $16.58 (instead of $19.50, 15% off)
  •     1,000,000 for $104.00 (instead of $130.00, 20% off)
  •     2,000,000 for $182.00 (instead of $260, 30% off)

For example, a server with a single core, 512 MB RAM, 12 GB hard disk, and an IPv4 (equivalent of the old “share”) will run for a little over 14 months with a pack of 2,000,000 credits.

No refunds on credit packs

These packages represent a commitment on your part, and are not refundable. The discounts are intended to reward you for being a loyal customer. If you are just dabbling, use the on-demand option and don't buy a pack! We will not be able to refund the cost if you change your mind.

Manage on-demand purchases

When you use the credits, you have the ability to set alerts for when your credit account falls below a value you set. You also have the ability to automatically trigger the purchase of credit packs when your account falls below a value.

If you only use the “on demand” method, it is imperative that your prepaid account is sufficiently credited. You will always get an alert warning you if your account falls below a set value.

See also

For more detailed descriptions and explanations of all these options, see this page.

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