How to subscribe / unsubscribe from our newsletter

At the beginning of each month we send out a newsletter that contains a recap of all of the current promotions at, as well as a description of projects underway and updates that we have made (bug corrections, new interfaces etc.

This newsletter is only sent to contacts that are subscribed to it.

At the end of each newsletter we provide you with the Gandi handle that we have sent it to, so that you will know what handle the newsletter was sent to.

To change your subscription setting, log into with the Gandi handle concerned. Then:

click on “Account Management” in the banner menu:

followed by “Update account information”:

Scroll down to where you see “Newsletter” and click “Yes” or “No” as desired, and Submit your change. The change is effective immediately.

Last modified: 04/05/2013 at 11:28 by Ryan Anderson (Gandi)