Rights delegation

Resellers at Gandi have the option of granting another party the right to view and manage domains, hosting products, and contacts that are in their portfolio.

This can be useful if:

  • you need to have other members of your company manage your portfolio, yet do not want to give them access to your main account directly.
  • you need to allow someone to manage your Gandi hosting products for you, yet do not want to give them access to your main account directly.

Granting rights

What you need to do

  1. Start by going to: “Account management” and then click on “Rights delegation”,
  2. To grant rights to someone, click on the blue “Grant rights to a third party to your handle” on the lower-right,
  3. You will then see a pop-up where you will add the handle that will have rights to your account, and a confirmation checkbox. After you fill this in, click “Submit”,
  4. Finally, you will be sent back to the rights delegation page, and will see the handle in the table. click on the “Show” link next to the hande to see the handle's authorization code for the operation. Give this code to your partner.

What your partner needs to do

Once logged in, your partner will see a message on the upper-left hand corner of the page that says “You have been granted rights, however this is pending your validation before it can be applied.

  1. To validate this request, they need to hover their mouse cursor over their name, where they will see the account name, and the one (below it) that is granting them rights,
  2. They must click on the “Activate” button that is next to the handle to which they will obtain rights.
  3. They will then see a pop-up where they must enter the authorization code that you provided them, check the confirmation box, and click “submit” to finalize the operation.

After this, they will be able to toggle between their account and your account by clicking on their name at the top of the page, and choosing.

Using rights

Users to whom you have granted rights will be able to manage your products (domain, hosting) as well as your prepaid account.

When debiting your prepaid account, the user to whom you granted rights needs to provide their account's password, even though they will be debiting your prepaid account.

They will not be able to change your account management settings (passwords, security features, API), or grant others rights to your account.

Last modified: 06/30/2016 at 10:50 by Jhaowun L. (Gandi)