Verification of your contact's email address at Gandi

For domain names under ICANN's sponsorship that were registered after January 1st, 2014, Gandi is required to confirm the validity of the email address of the owner's contact handle. We therefore send out a validation email following :

  • the creation of a new contact (even if it does not have any domains yet)
  • the domain's creation (domains created after January 1st 2014 only)
  • the domain's transfer to Gandi (of the new owner handle)
  • an owner change (to a non-validated owner handle)
  • an email address change

WARNING: If you do not verify your email address for the owner handle, the newly registered domain name or names owned by the handle will be deactivated after 15 days.

Confirmation email from

To perform the verification, Gandi will send a confirmation email to the address that was provided for the owner handle.

This confirmation email is sent from the email address,, and contains a link that you will need to click on. This link is unique to your email address but will resemble the following:

For security reasons, no password will be asked of you as part of this process!! And in the event that the above link takes you to an error page, please contact customer support team.

In the event that your account is managed by a Gandi reseller, your reseller may have customized the sender's name, though the email address will still be

What to do if you did not validate and your domain was suspended

If, for some reason, you did not validate your contact's email address within the 15-day period that ICANN has defined, then all the domain names under that handle will be suspended.

In this case, please contact our customer support service without delay.

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