Price rate scales

Gandi provides you with special rates for bulk purchases. Our prices are determined on a sliding scale based on how much has been spent under a certain handle in the 12 preceding months. (E rates get up to 50% off!)

New handles or those who have made no purchases in the last 12 months have A rates by default.

A Rates $0 €0 £0 NT$0
B Rates $600 €500 £350 NT$18,000
C Rates $2,000 €1,500 £1,000 NT$50,000
D Rates $6,000 €5,000 £3,500 NT$170,000
E Rates $12,000 €10,000 £7,000 NT$340,000

Note that corporate customers are subject to a specific price rate model mainly based on the number of domain names under management (or portfolio size).

Unless a special contract has been negotiated, the same pricing system is used for resellers, or retail customers, as they are based on the same scale (A through E), and are automatically attributed and calculated based on the total number of purchases made over the past 12 months.

See our full list of prices here.

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