Paying for your order with your prepaid account

When checking out at the end of your order, you will be presented with several different payment options. To pay with credit that you currently have (or will add) in your prepaid account, scroll down to the prepaid account option:

For added security, you will be asked to enter the password of the Gandi handle that you are currently logged in under. After you add this password, click on the button to continue.

If there are sufficient funds in your prepaid account to pay for the order, it will be debited right way and you will receive a payment confirmation email within a few minutes.

If there are not sufficient funds, you must add credit to your prepaid account after submitting your order. The funds will not be applied to your purchase automatically; you must click the gold coin icon visible on your Orders in Progress page. (If you have sufficient credit in your prepaid account and do not see the icon, contact support.

Insufficient funds

Does your order say “Waiting for payment or validation of your payment” in your orders in progress page?

If you have placed an order for a product and chose to pay for it with your prepaid account, we can only complete the order if there are sufficient funds in your account to cover the order.

If there are not sufficient funds, you will see that the order will remain “Waiting for payment or validation of your payment” on your orders in progress page.

In this case, you just need to top off your prepaid account and then once that has been done, return to the orders in progress page, and click on the link next to the order in question to “debit your prepaid account”.

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