Website Changelog

Here you will find the history of changes that have been made. Note that this list is not exhaustive, it does not list bug corrections or minor improvements, but it should give you an idea of when certain main features were introduced.

October 2014

  • Local contact now automatically provided for .berlin domains
  • Optional “Name” field for SSH keys if a comment is present in the key
  • SHA-2 support for Standard, Pro, and Business SSL certificates
  • Gtable column adjustment
  • Modification of the service status page to the new version at “”

September 2014

  • Addition of the company name for contacts for domain name exports
  • Addition of a TLD field in order to just see the extension and to be able to sort and search by this criteria alone
  • Improvement of the page that summarizes status of an owner change for AFNIC-managed domains

August 2014

  • Addition of a filter that will only display domains that are available when searching

July 2014

  • Possibility of adding a public SSH key to an instance for key-based login
  • New API method available : contact.reachability.resend
  • Bulk update on network interfaces on IaaS

Jun 2014

  • New Ruby instance in beta testing
  • Possibility of registering premium domains
  • Automatic migration of disks from LVM to ZFS

October 2013

  • Addition of the Node.Js/MongoDB Simple Hosting instance family
  • Addition of the Python Simple Hosting instance family
  • Optional restriction on web or API authentication to an IP or IP range
  • Possibility of starting an IaaS server without IPv4
  • Addition of the .IS ccTLD
  • General opening of private VLANs for IaaS
  • Addition of an optional two-factor authentication login
  • Possibility of choosing the size of the system disk when creating a server
  • .MR, .NA, .MC and .LS added to the corporate offer
  • Doubling of the traffic limit for Simple Hosting
  • Possibility of choosing the auto-renew period for Simple Hosting
  • Opening of our goodies store for the United States and Canada
  • Improvement of the search form for this wiki

September 2013

  • Launching of Gandi International and the new datacenter
  • New ICANN ErrP process
  • New Gandi Site + addition of the mobil pack

August 2013

  • Launching of Gandi International and the new datacenter
  • New ICANN ErrP process
  • New Gandi Site + addition of the mobil pack

July 2013

  • Opening of the Gandi Site API
  • Personalization of notificatations (phase 1/3)
  • New .COM, .NET owner change process
  • Improvement of the management of multi-domain SSL certificates
  • Visualization of credits consumed per server for bandwidth
  • implementation of reseller price rates for Simple Hosting
  • addition of DNSSEC support for .CC, .TV, .IO, .AC and .SH

Jun 2013

  • Gandi Flex V2
  • New Gandi No Bullshit Invaders
  • Improvement of the DNS zone copy process

May 2013

  • launch of the new IaaS version
  • addition of accented characters for .BE domains
  • Beta of new IaaS billing system launched
  • Web Accelerator out of beta and ready to use

April 2013

  • added the .AL and .MD extension under the corporate program
  • Launched the availability of the Node.js + PostgreSQL Simple Hosting instance
  • activation of Chinese character support for .CO domains

March 2013

  • launching of pre-reservations for the new ICANN extensions
  • addition of the Node.js instance family in Simple Hosting
  • general opening of .PW
  • addition of the possibility of choosing your zone file when performing a DNS change to Gandi's DNS
  • opening of .PW pre-registrations
  • addition of git on Simple Hosting
  • addition of a maintenance URL for Simple Hosting instances
  • update of Gandi BaseKit


  • addition of .FI
  • addition of .HU.NET
  • Addition of the possibility of validation addresses with Simple Hosting by a file
  • launching of private networks in beta testing
  • launching of the web accelerator in beta testing

Jannuary 2013

  • version dedicated to the improvement of support tools
  • additionof .CM
  • addition of accented .CA (in French)
  • process of copying IaaS disks from the old technology to the new
  • ability to log in with an SSH key to the SFTP of Simple Hosting (installation of your key in .ssh/authorized_keys at the root directory)
  • addition of the Atos payment cgi-bin on Simple Hosting
  • addition of SSL compatibility with Simple Hosting
  • modification of the Gandi Wiki design
  • Simple Hosting presentation page redesign
  • addition of a PHP/PostgreSQL instance family
  • addition of the possibility to list email addresses in the reseller's Contact list
  • Ability to leave notes on invoices
  • addition of a “panic” button on the support contact page in the event of an urgent server problem
  • using the new table format for the messages page, and the possibility to export them
  • addition of the third-level .COM.HK domain
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