Gandi Site and Sitemaker websites

Gandi lets you build online websites without any need of technical skills or experience. We provide you with two platforms, Gandi Site and SiteMaker, that offer drag-and-drop interfaces (WYSIWYG) that will let you create a professional-looking website online in no time at all.

For general operations such as creation, editing, adding addresses, deleting, etc. refer to the website management section as they are the same for both tools.

There is no relationship between Gandi Site/Sitemaker, Gandi's Simple Hosting service, and Gandi's VPS cloud hosting service. Therefore, you do not purchase a share from our VPS hosting service or an instance of Simple Hosting in order to “host” your Sitemaker website. Your SiteMaker or Gandi Site website is automatically hosted by Gandi.

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