Gandi's Single-address Standard SSL Certificates

Gandi's Single-Address SSL certificate is the smallest of the certificates offered by Gandi, and is ideal for protecting websites that do not perform financial transactions.

Gandi includes a free, one-address, Standard SSL certificate for one year with the purchase or transfer of a domain name with Gandi. For more on this, see the free certificate page.

The Single-address Standard SSL certificate includes:

  • Gandi certification
  • 128/256 Bit encryption
  • 99% browser recognition
  • Trust logo
  • Issued in under 24 hours
  • Domain Mismatch Protection
  • Secure accented domains
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

Standard SSL Certificates rely on the data you supply for your Gandi Handle and the whois database for verification. No additional documents are needed.

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