Gandi's Multi-domain Business SSL Certificates

Gandi's Multi-domain Business SSL certificate is good for when you need to secure several websites that are exposed to a high volume of financial transactions or sensitive data but through a single certificate. These certificates offer the highest level of protection currently available in this type of certificate.

This type of certificate is only available to accounts that are legal entities (not individuals)

Unlike the Wildcard Standard SSL certificates, the Multi-domain version lets you secure more than one domain name on the same certificate. For example:

  • etc.

If you just need to secure various subdomains (ex., through one certificate, then you would want to use one of our Wildcard certificates rather than a Multi-domain certificate. Wildcard certificates are only available for Standard and Pro SSL certificates.

Types of Multi-domain Business certificates

There are four types of Multi-domain Business certificates, all of which are warrantied up to $250,000.

When making your choice, you can decide to purchase a certificate to secure:

  • up to 3 domains
  • up to 5 domains
  • up to 10 domains
  • up to 20 domains

Note that SGC compatibility is not available for the Multi-domain Business SSL Certificates. For this, you must choose either a Business or Pro Single-address certificate.

Warrantied” means that you are financially covered up to the amount of your warranty in the event that the security of your website is compromised

SGC compatibility” means, in short, that the certificate will work on older web browsers.

The Multi-domain Business SSL certificate includes:

  • Validation completed by Comodo
  • 128/256 Bit encryption
  • 99% browser recognition
  • Protection of 3 to 20 addresses depending on the certificate
  • Green URL bar
  • Transactions warrantied up to $250,000
  • SGC* extension for some
  • Domain Mismatch Protection
  • Secure accented domains
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

SGC compatibility” means, in short, that the certificate will work on older web browsers. Wikipedia's article on Server Gated Cryptography (SGC)

Validation of a Business certificate

In the event of a Business certificate, you must place the order and enter the CSR on our website during its creation. Then, we will send this information to our partner, Comodo, who will perform the verification phase (documents, dcv, callback, etc.). In the event of a Business certificate, we recommend ordering at least one month before you require the certificate's delivery.

Validation documents

Business certificates require some documentation.

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