Linking multiple addresses to a single website with Simple Hosting

When to use

When you only have one address (virtualhost) on your Simple Hosting interface, but you need to link several different addresses to it and you don't want to use web forwarding.

A common use of this is with “multisite” installations of Wordpress, or if you want a domain with and without “www” to go to the same Simple Hosting instance.

You can also use symlinks, but this feature is much easier, and requires no coding.

1. Start by logging into your Instance's control panel

2. in the “Access” section, click on “Login” after “Administration of your instance”.

3. you will then see your Instance admin page (you can go there directly if you know the URL, which will be like where xxxxxx is the number of your instance)

4. click on the “Multi-address management” link that you see in the “Multi-address” box.

5. You will now see three columns: From, To, and Current links:

To forward (or link) one address to another, choose the “from” address, then the “to” address and then click on the button “Create the link”.

You can do this as many times as you want, though it must be done one address at a time.

You can remove links by checking the ones that you see in the Current link column, and then by clicking on “Revert”.

Removing the link will not affect the instance (it will not be deleted).

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