Back up your instance with Snapshots

You can make a backup of your entire instance by using Gandi's Snapshot feature.

Snapshots do not make a backup of your databases. If you would like to perform a backup of your databases, we recommend you perform an export, or launch a dump script via crontab

Simple Hosting Snapshot Activation

From the control panel of your instance, click on the “Activate” link that you see next to Snapshots at the upper-right hand corner of the page:

Simple Hosting Snapshot Schedule

Configuration includes 4 images, keeped for distinct durations :

  • a daily snapshot kept for 24h
  • a daily snapshot kept for 48h
  • a weekly snapshot kept for 7 days
  • a weekly snapshot kept for 14 days

A snapshot is made at a time, and kept for a duration. You don't have every day an 7 days old, or 14 days old available image.
You could see it trough a calendar: weekly snapshot is made the first day, and kept during 14 days. A second one is made the 7th days…etc.

  • At day 10 for example, you have: a 24h snapshot, a 48h snapshot, a 3 day snapshot and a 10 day snasphot.
  • At day 15th, you have a 24h one, a 48h one, and a 8 days one.

Version daily and weekly may overlap depending on the day.

How to restore a Simple Hosting snapshot

To restore your instance from a Snapshot, start by logging into your instance using sFTP.

Once you're at the root of your instance's disk, browse to the “Snapshot” directory.

The snapshot's directory will look like:

  • 123456789.daily : one daily snapshots
  • ( 123456789.daily : another daily snapshot)
  • 123456789.weekly : one weekly snapshot
  • 123456789.weekly : second weekly snapshot

The number that you see before each directory is the unix timestamp. The most recent snapshot is the one with the highest number.

In order to restore data, you will have to copy files to local from the source folder, and then upload them to the target diretory (unless your SFTP software allows you to copy/paste directly trough interface).

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