Modifying your zone for Simple Hosting with a domain at Gandi

If you receive this message when declaring a new website address on your instance, it means the address you have added is already configured to point to something in the DNS:

If you click on “Submit”, you will apply the changes, which will overwrite the existing zone file entry for the address in question (which is probably what you want). In this example, once the change has been submitted and has had a few hours to propagate, the address will point to your Simple Hosting instance instead of what it was previously pointing to (probably the Gandi parking page).

If you don't want to apply these changes, click on “Back”, and you can choose another vhost name.

Click on “Ignore” if you want the vhost directory to be created but do not want the domain name to be configured in the DNS. This will allow you to upload your website, but you will not be able to see it online until the domain is pointing to it.

Automatic reconfiguration of your DNS

In the event that you did not chose to automatically configure the DNS during the addition of the domain on your Simple Hosting instance, you have the possibility of relaunching the automatic configuration from your instance's information page. For this to be possible, it is necessary that the domain name be registered with Gandi, and that the DNS are Gandi's default DNS, and that the contact that created the instance is the owner, administrative, or technical contact of the domain name.

To automatically relaunch the configuration, go to the table that lists the virtualhosts and click on the button indicated below:

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