Change Your Admin Panel and sFTP Password

If you have lost your Simple Hosting admin panel or sFTP password (they are the same), you can reset it.

Log in to the control panel with your Gandi handle, go to the Simple Hosting tab and click on your instance name. There, you will find a link to Change your password.

The 'admin' and the SFTP account are one same account. To change your SFTP password, you should use the link on the 'administation' line.

Click on the link in your account to change your password

You will be asked to enter your new password and confirm it.

Be sure to choose a strong, complex password in order to avoid attacks on your instance which could lead to it being compromised.

Your password must have at least 8 characters and should use upper and lowercase, numbers and special characters (without accents).

Resetting the database root user password for your instance

If you have lost the root password of the MySQL database server of your Simple Hosting instance, which means you can not log in to the phpMyAdmin interface, you can reset it using the link provided on the “Database” row of the control panel.

Last modified: 03/06/2015 at 11:32 by Yann A. (Gandi)