PHP/PostgreSQL Instance

This instance is for those that would like to host websites or applications that are written in PHP and use a PostgreSQL database.

You can also use this instance for static websites (HTML only) without any problem.


  • Basic knowledge of the language and tools (HTML, SFTP, phpMyAdmin)

General functioning

The functioning of the instance is rather simple. Publishing it online is done with a few steps:

  1. Declare an address on your instance: see how
  2. Upload your files to the root of the 'htdocs' directory of the site in question: see how
  3. Import the database via Admirer

Your home page must be called index.html or index.php in order to be interpreted by default by the Apache server.

You can see all the Apache and php errors in the logs that are accessible for your instance.

Characteristics of this instance family

  • PHP Version 5.6 (phpinfo)
  • php-apc 4
  • PostgreSQL 9.4
  • phpPgAdmin / adminer
  • Apache 2.4

For information concerning the installed Apache modules, as well as the specific php settings for Simple Hosting instances, click here.

See Also

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