PHP/MySQL Instance

This instance family is for webmasters that would like to host dynamic websites that are built using PHP and require a MySQL database. It is a typical configuration that is used for most CMS installations (joomla!, etc.)


  • Knowledge of php and the HTTP protocol,
  • You must have a file-transferring client that can upload files via SFTP (like FileZilla)

Supported version


  • version 7.0
  • version 5.6 (recommended)
  • version 5.4 (eol)


  • version 5.6 (Percona Server) (recommended)
  • version 5.5

More information on these can be found in their respective pages below:

General functioning

You can attach as many domain names to your instance as you want, meaning that you can host as many websites as you want on it: you are only limited by the max number of pageviews of your pack, which you can upgrade if needed!


Each address that you create via your interface at Gandi will generate a new vhost directory in your instance, that you will see when you log into your server. You will upload your files via sFTP to your instance in the directory of your vhost (website address) .

In case you need to know, the absolute path to your htdocs directory is:


(where ”” is the name of the address you specified in your account at Gandi


You can view your logs (php, apache) from your instance's administration page.


This instance uses MySQL, which you can access either via phpmyadmin or via SSH:

Known issues

See Also

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