How to create a Simple Hosting instance

To create an instance, start by clicking on “Hosting” at the top of Gandi's website. Then, click on “Create an instance” to start the process.

Choose instance size

The first option you are given is the size of your instance. You can change this later.

Click on the “Create an instance” button once you have selected the size that you want to start with.

Choose instance settings

On the following screen, you will be asked to specify a few settings related to your instance:

Each field has instructions under it which will help you fill out the form.

Be sure you include at lease one special character in your password or it will be rejected. Special characters are '^[ -~]{8,64}$')

Optional zone file modification

After you submit your settings, and if you have indicated a website address, you may be presented with a message asking you if you want to replace the existing record.

Be sure to leave the box checked to be sure that the system automatically changes your zone file to point your address to your new instance.

Submit your order

If you have a promo code, you will be able to enter it at this time. As a reminder, domain name customers at Gandi have a promo code for 50% off an annual Simple Hosting instance that you can get from your promo codes page. Be sure that you validate your code so that it will be taken into account.

Once your payment has been accepted, your instance will be created within a few minutes.

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