Resource management

To manage the resources that you allocate to your server, go to the “Server” tab and then click on the name of the server in question to get to it's control panel.


Click on any of the “Modify links that you see in the right of the page:

You will then arrive on the following page:

Chose the quantity of resources that you want to allocate, and then click on “Change' to submit the modifications. Note that if the modification changes the value of memory_limit, that your server will need to be rebooted. Likewise, an increase in the number of cores can lead to your server being rebooted if it is an old kernel (2.6.18 for example).

Remember to adapt the value of memory_limit during the increase or decrease in the quantity of RAM. This value will modify the quantity of space reserved for indexing.

HVM and CPU : Note that to reduce the number of processor cores on a private virtual server, you should necessarily stop the server and start it again with the HVM technology.


Fro your server's control panel, in the “Interface management” section on the bottom of the page, you can change the amount of bandwidth that is allocated to an interface from 1Mb/s to 100Mb/s (by default during a server creation). The rates do not depend on the quantity of bandwidth allocated to an interface, but rather, the real consumption of all the interfaces used by the Gandi account. Please refer to the following section to learn more about bandwidth pricing. FIXME

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