Outgoing mail server using Postfix on a Gandi AI VPS

Postfix allows you to send mails through your web site (i.e contact forms) using your PHP scripts. That is also required for the other programing languages such as Python and Perl.

If you enter a domain name (domain.tld) in the domain name field, mail sent from your server will be delivered locally. That means that they will be kept in your server and the recipient will not get it.

It is recommended to fill the domain name field with your server's reverse DNS. You can get it by using the command host in a terminal: host <ip.of.your.server>. For example:

host domain name pointer xvm-30-111.ghst.net.

Then just enter xvm-30-111.ghst.net in the domain name field.

NOTE: This module, Postfix, cannot be used for incoming mail!

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