Manage your credits

There are many tools at your disposal to facilitate the management and costs, and evaluate the use of all your hosting resources in a way that is simple. This notably allows you to have an estimation of the hourly and monthly credit use by all of your hosting resources, and visualize the consumption of resources used in time for each object, or even know the quantity of bandwidth used for all for your servers during the month. These tools are there to help you see the costs of our services, as well as help you see in advance how much all of your hosting resources will cost, while at the same time providing invoicing on an hourly basis.

Hourly and monthly consumption

  1. the total number of credits available,
  2. how many credits are used every hour, as well as the corresponding price in € / $ / £ per hour and per month,
  3. the time remaining for the functioning of your servers.

All of this information is based on the resources used during the hour that you are looking at the graph. If you increase or decrease the number of resources created on account, then the estimation will change to reflect that.

The estimation of consumption of credits displayed on the interface is based on the usage in real time of your servers, and not on the highest value registered during the hour. Consequently, if you increase the number of resources allocated to the server and then decrease the number of resources used during the same hour, the quantity of credits billed will be the highest, and not those indicated on the interface after the diminution of resources.

Bandwidth consumption

The consumption of credits for bandwidth is calculated in realtime for all of the public interfaces of a Gandi account. At present, it is not possible to visualize the consumption in GB per interface, only for all of them.

For each Gandi account, you have 2TB of traffic included. Starting with 2001 GB of bandwidth, you are billed per GB per month, and the price depends on the global consumption (the more bandwidth you consume, the less expensive it will be per unit).

The prices are visible at

History of consumption over time

You can see the detailed history of your credit use per each type of resource used (CPU, RAM, IP, Disk, etc.) for all of your hosting objects (Servers, Web Accelerators), or even for each of them separately. This will allow you to visually see how much each of your servers consumes over time, as well as your credit use trends.

Consumption per resource

You can visualize how many credits your resources are using by clicking on the “See in detail” link.

Paused servers

A server is paused when the number of available credits drops below 0.

Even though the server is paused, it continues to debit your account. After 5 days the server will be automatically deleted. To get your server out of pause and running again, you must purchase enough credits to cover both the amount in the negative, as well as enough to get it running again once you are above 0.

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