The Credit system

To get started with Gandi Hosting, we recommend that you have a look at

A credit is a virtual currency that can only be used at Gandi for our IaaS hosting products. It has been put in place to allow for billing resources by the hour.

When logged into your account, you will see a new page on our website that will allow you to quickly and simply visualize how many credits you have remaining, how much your hosting resources use, as well as being able to manage your credit options.

How it works

Generally speaking, here is how the billing system works:

  1. you purchase credits (by pack, on-demand, or by automatic purchase)
  2. you create your server by allocating resources as needed
  3. every hour, our billing system will calculate the maximum number of resources used during the hour for each server, and will debit this from your credits.

The price of one credit equals:

  • € 0.0001
  • $ 0.00013
  • £ 0.00009


The new billing system allows:

  • Billing for what was really used
  • Greater flexibility in use
  • Avoiding having several different expiration dates
  • Simpler public API use

Conditions of use

  • Credits are linked to an account, and can not be transferred to another Gandi handle,
  • Credits are non-refundable, and can not be converted back into money to your prepaid account,
  • Your credits are valid for 2 years following their last use.
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