Gandi Server QuickstartStart

This page will get you started working with Gandi IaaS servers.

You will find that the IaaS configuration interface is quick and simple to use, but you may need an introduction. Here it is.

The account interface provides access to all information on the cost of resources over time, and tabs that will take you to pages displaying detailed information on specific resources.

1) Gandi Credits: This section tells you consumption information by hour and month, and has links to buy more credit, or to configure automatic purchases of credit from you r pre-paid account, based on trigger levels you set.

Notice the tabs? These let you access specific resource categories:

2) Servers tab: Your servers are listed, and you can manage and create servers under this tab.

3) Disks tab: Your disks are listed here, and you can create and manage disks and snapshots.

4) Interfaces tab: See your network interfaces, the IP addresses, and traffic data. Create and manage interfaces here.

5) Web Accelerators tab: If you have configured or want to configure a web accelerator, use this tab. Web Accelerators are useful for speeding content delivery over http, adding SSL certificates to Gandi AI servers, and more.

6) Operations tab: When you take a configuration action, our system creates an operation to execute it. You can track or cancel your pending operations here, and see the history.

7) Control panel: This is a quick view of the status of your resources and their consumption.

This table is fully customizable - click the gear icon to customize what data you see on the page and how it is presented.

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