Uploading problems

There are many reasons why you may be unable to upload content to your server.

Using Gandi AI

You have to use the following information to connect to your GandiAI server with your FTP client:

  • Hostname or IP address: the address is shown on the page of your server in your administration interface. Otherwise, use the hostname which points to your server.
  • FTP user: the login of the user you associated with your virtualhost during the web server module configuration process of your server in the administration interface.
  • Password: the password associated with the previous user.
  • Port: 21, which is the default port for FTP protocol.
  • Directory: it should be virtual_host_name/htdocs on your local system. For the www.example.tld site, the target directory is www.example.tld/htdocs on your data disk.

Using Gandi expert

  • Using sFTP - FTP over SSH

This solution allows file transfer using a SSH crypt.

You do not need to install any other application on your server; the SSH service is already installed and is started by default when you create a new server.

To authenticate on your server, you will have to use the login and password for the user you configured during the server's creation.

You now have to use an sFTP client. FileZilla is a good example (like the FTP protocol below): configure the remote host with port 22 (the default SSH port) instead of 21 (the default FTP port).

  • Using FTP

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the standard file transfer protocol.

No daemon software handling FTP is installed by default on an expert mode server. Connect to your server using the SSH command for installing a FTP server. proftpd is a popular choice. pure-ftpd or vsftpd are other strong FTP servers.

See this documentation for connecting to your server. See this documentation to install application on your server.

You can restrict access to your user on a specific directory in the /etc/passwd file by changing the root directory and restrict right to execute system command by changing the shell to /bin/false if needed.

Now you can connect to your server using a FTP client like FileZilla or lftp for example.

  • Using wget or curl:

wget (or the curl command) allow you to download files available on other host on the network

As an example, download the latest version of WordPress:

wget http://wordpress.com/latest.zip

or with curl:

curl http://wordpress.com/latest.zip

See man wget or man curl for more information.

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